The 2017 season is already off to a wild start. Davey Vega resorted to unsportsmanlike tactics to defeat his bestie Mat Fitchett, Danny Adams tapped out Colt Cabana, and Gary Jay was crowned 2017 STLI Champion! Now it's time to look forward to the 2017 Regular Season. Before the fists start to fly though, each team must round out their rosters with the 2017 PWCS Draft!

The PWCS Draft is held after the STLI and before the start of the regular season. Teams will pick in reverse order of the 2016 standings (Squad, Blacklist, Resurgence, Ego Busters) and will keep drafting wrestlers until their team has a full 6 person roster. Once they have a full roster, they are done drafting.

Last season, the first year the draft was held, some major picks where snatched up. The Ego Busters took Jake Dirden first overall and Dirden was a driving force in Jovi's championship run. The Submission Squad chose young Everett Conors who has blossomed into a premiere talent in the league. Paco Gonzalez, without a doubt one of the top talents in the STL area, was ...

Anatomy Of A Championship Team:

How A Good Draft Can Build A Winning PWCS Team




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Pro Wrestling Championship Series is a team based pro wrestling league. Each individual wrestler's match counts towards their team's overall Win/Loss record. At the end of the regular season, the two teams with the best Win/Loss record face off in our Championship Spectacular (a 4-on-4 Elimination Tag Team match) to crown the PWCS Champions! Pick a team and join the most amazing, fast growing fan base in pro wrestling. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?


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