The 2017 season is already off to a wild start. Davey Vega resorted to unsportsmanlike tactics to defeat his bestie Mat Fitchett, Danny Adams tapped out Colt Cabana, and Gary Jay was crowned 2017 STLI Champion! Now it's time to look forward to the 2017 Regular Season. Before the fists start to fly though, each team must round out their rosters with the 2017 PWCS Draft!

The PWCS Draft is held after the STLI and before the start of the regular season. Teams will pick in reverse order of the 2016 standings (Squad, Blacklist, Resurgence, Ego Busters) and will keep drafting wrestlers until their team has a full 6 person roster. Once they have a full roster, they are done drafting.

Last season, the first year the draft was held, some major picks where snatched up. The Ego Busters took Jake Dirden first overall and Dirden was a driving force in Jovi's championship run. The Submission Squad chose young Everett Conors who has blossomed into a premiere talent in the league. Paco Gonzalez, without a doubt one of the top talents in the STL area, was chosen at the end of the second round by The Resurgence in the steal of the draft.

But the draft isn't perfect however. As great of a pick as Dirden was, Jovi also chose Mark Sterling and Jay Howard...who never actually appeared for the team. Arguably the best additions of 2016 where made after the draft from in season pickups like Arik Cannon, Austin Blackburn, and Darrin Corbin.

So while the draft doesn't mean your team is set in stone, selecting the right pieces can make for a championship run as we've learned from the Ego Busters and Resurgence. So what makes a good PWCS roster? What are the pieces a team needs to get to the top? We've decided to breakdown PWCS athletes into four main types. We will explain in detail the parts needed to get to the PWCS Finals and guess what might be each teams missing piece for 2017. So without further introduction, let's get started...

Franchise Player: (Examples: Mat Fitchett, Davey Vega, Gary Jay)
The "franchise player" is that rock solid guy that every team looks for. Every team needs that person they can rely on to come up with the big victory in the high pressure situations. We believe The Resurgence's appearance in back to bank PWCS Finals can be attested to their roster having two to four wrestlers we would qualify as Franchise Players. It is hard to argue with a team that has had Davey Vega, Match Fitchett, Steven Kennedy, and Jake Dirden as a finals squad in 2015.

So which team needs a Franchise Player the most? While every team can benefit from this type of wrestler, we believe The Blacklist are the team that most needs to find that wrestler in the draft. Makaze has gone full rebuild, casting out most of his team including former franchise player JoJo Bravo. Can he replace that talent and make a run at the 2017 title? On time will tell.

Top Prospect: (Examples: Danny Adams, Everett Conors, Austin Blackburn):
While some want the instant gratification of landing a franchise player type, other teams have begun to look to the future. They realize that continued success in PWCS means finding that raw talent that can BECOME a franchise level talent. Talents like Paco, Danny Adams, and Everett Conors where signed or drafted by teams because they saw future franchise player level talents and put the time in to groom and coach them up. With the next crop of rookies looking to break in, the 2017 draft could be the perfect time to draft the "next big thing".

So which team needs a "Top Prospect" the most?: We decided to let track record decide this catagory. The Submission Squad has developed more young talent than any other team in the league. With a rock solid veteran core of Evan Gelsitico, Gary Jay, and Darin Corbin carrying over to 2017 the next Conors or Blackburn could be just a draft pick away for this team looking to turn the corner in 2017.

Tag Team Specialist: (Beauty & The Beast, Roscoe Eat Lisa, Evan Gelistico)
The art of a tag team match is simply different from a singles match. There are specific strategies and skills needed to be accomplished tag team wrestlers. Throughout the regular season, tag team matches pop up frequently and it has become important for a team to have a tag team or veteran tag team wrestler on the roster. After all, if you are lucky enough to make it to the dance, you have to win a four on four elimination TAG TEAM match to be crowned the champions. Some times this specialist comes in the form of tag team unit while other teams have chosen to simply roster veterans that have had long runs with tag teams to create more versatility. We've seen both bare championship fruit. 

So which team needs a "Tag Team Specialist" the most?: The Submission Squad has Corbin and Evan, both veterans of the tag game. While the Ego's and Resurgence both have full teams in Beauty & The Beast and Roscoe Eat Lisa respectively. With Alex Rudolph looking to expand to a singles career, The Blacklist may seem to be the most likely team to nab up a tag team for 2017. Did The Carnies put themselves on the radar with a big win at the STLI? Only time will tell.

The Homerun Hitter: (Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin, Colt Cabana)
PWCS is proud to feature not only the best talent in the St. Louis area, but from all over the world. During its three year history, PWCS has featured top talent from all over the world! ACH, Colt Cabanna, Jimmy Jacobs and more have found their way to PWCS as special guests. Last season, The Submission Squad and Blacklist made the leaps to add these talents we've labeled Homerun Hitters to their regular roster.

So, why not just create an entire team of these guys? Well, its one part logic and more part economics. With higher pedigree comes higher paychecks, and PWCS teams simply can't pay out the salary required for a team comprised of national stars. Also, these guys and girls have commitments nation and in some cases world wide. Your team needs to be comprised of talents that can make the season long commitment to the team. You can't have an entire MLB lineup of home run hitters, and you can't have an entire PWCS team of Colt Cabanas for the same reasons. But as they proved a this years Mega Ticket, these big names can be valuable in fan support and victories.

So which team needs a "Homerun Hitter"  the most?: Its no secret that Greg Jovi and The Ego Busters value the big splashes. With the money and notoriety that comes with the PWCS Championship, maybe they could be the team to lean out and try to grab a national talent


Anatomy Of A Championship Team?

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By Jay Beaman